My Story

I love and appreciate the community called Paris, Texas.  It offers a uniqueness in people, art, architecture and much more.  I've learned over the years that Paris, Texas has much of everything you need in your endeavor to find a unique gift, a unique spot or just a unique person.

  • It can boast of many native Parisians becoming famous. 
  • It has a resilient heritage containing heartwarming stories of Paris' recovery from the 1916 fire which destroyed much of the city.
  • It has a wide variety of small businesses including everything from unique individuals and services just starting out to family owned and operated businesses spanning many generations.

In an effort to tell the world about the unique place I call home, I began designing and manufacturing souvenirs and collectibles showcasing my home town.

Everyone has a story...

   and every story is a journey.

And what better way to relate a story than with art.  The art and products you’ll see here are a part of my journey.  The journey that began with photography and the love of Paris… Paris, Texas that is.  My story began in 2002 with my love of photography and of Paris.  Adding my own perspective, I came up with the Paris, Texas items in my online store.   Starting out, I began framing my photos to save money and really enjoyed taking a simple photo and transforming it into a beautiful piece of art by framing it. 

In 2006, I attended an Art & Framing school in Atlanta, GA.  I was hooked and knew I wanted to go into the framing business.  Seeing the joy on someone's face when you present them with a well-framed piece of their very own art only makes the process that much more enjoyable.

One day I receive a call from an amazing and wonderful couple that I and Jeff call family (that's another story and may be in one of my blogs soon).  They were calling to say they were sending a gift.  They explained that they had done some research on what would be necessary to have a state of the art custom picture framing shop.  They were sending a Mat Wizard which is a computerized matboard cutter.  This was beyond my wildest dreams considering I was just stepping out on my own and still cutting mats by hand.  I cried with joy for at least an hour.  And when it arrived several weeks later, I was still in awe and remain in awe to this day.  God works miracles in and through people every day.  This couple has and continues to be an example of what God can do when you follow Him.  (And that's a lot of other stories.)   

I purchased Saffle Gallery in January 2008 and moved in to the newly remodeled Nine East Plaza (the old Famous Shoe Store building) in October of that year.  I sold a wide variety of retail merchandise as well as custom picture framing.  From jewelry and purses to Paris Souvenirs and home decor, there were gifts of all kinds. 

Creating a piece of history in beautiful downtown Paris, Texas was a dream come true.  But, as with many businesses starting out, it became overwhelmingly difficult to maintain a large retail space in the face of economic downturn.  Paris Framing and Designs retail location at 9 East Plaza closed.  Retail locations around Paris, Texas still carry my designs and products as well as this online store.  I still do custom picture framing for family and friends and occassional special projects.  It will always be a talent God has blessed me with and I believe will continue to use.

I am humbled to know that my designs and photos can be found around the globe as well as around the block.   

Mary J. Faber